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Your Chevrolet Duramax may experience issues with the gear shifter. If your vehicle is not appropriately changing gears, this indicates a problem with the shifter itself.

Both standard and automatic vehicles are equipped with a mechanism to change gears. In a manual transmission, this is known as a gear shifter. In an automatic transmission, it is referred to as a gear selector.

A manual gear shifter is often located in the middle of the front of the vehicle, between the driver and passenger seats. Some vehicles also use paddle shifters with one paddle on each side of the steering wheel. As your vehicle propels itself forward, it passes through several gears, whether manually or automatically, depending on the current speed the vehicle is traveling.

How to Know The Gear Shifter is a Problem

As with any possible arising problems, your Chevrolet Duramax may experience several signs and symptoms of a faulty or failed gear shifter. The gear shifter is an extremely important component of your vehicle, as without it, your vehicle cannot initiate motion.

One commonly-reported warning sign of a gear shifter problem is an unresponsive shifter. When you move the gear shifter of your Chevrolet Duramax, a linkage moves with it allowing gears to change. If your vehicle does not seem to engage in the gear you selected, it is likely the linkage has become damaged or broken.

Another often-reported sign of problems within the gear shifter is grinding or slipping when either the driver is manually changing gears in a manual transmission or when the automatic transmission is changing gears as the driver increases or decreases speed. A delay in the response of your vehicle when attempting to shift gears indicates a gear shifter or selector beginning to fail.

It is imperative that a driver not ignore any of these commonly reported warning signs or any other signs indicating a problem may be arising in their Chevrolet Duramax. Should you find yourself in a situation where your gear shifter is malfunctioning, seek out an evaluation and diagnosis from a certified mechanic who is familiar with your make and model and engine.

The sooner you are able to get your vehicle into a repair shop, the less likely irreversible damage is to occur.

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