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If you picture the chassis on your truck as the skeleton it’s easy to see what makes it so important. With the chassis housing the engine, transmission, and other critical parts of your vehicle, it’s important that you don’t damage, bend, or push your chassis past its’ limits or you may be in for an even bigger, more expensive headache. At Diesel Pickup Pros we offer truck chassis maintenance and improvements to ensure you never have to worry about preventable damages. Our mechanics specialize in diesel-engine pickup and work trucks for drivers all throughout the Louisville area.

Brands We Service

At Diesel Pickup Pros, our shop features the tools and equipment needed to provide quality maintenance and repairs for all Cummins, Duramax, Mercedes, and Powerstroke diesel-engine trucks including:

Reasons to Improve Your Chassis

Whether you drive a pickup truck daily or use a heavier truck for work, there are many different reasons you may upgrade and improve your chassis:

Diesel Pickup Truck Chassis Repair & Service
  • Reinforcement to prevent bending or cracking in the frame
  • Improved clearance to prevent undercarriage damages on bumps
  • Improved performance capabilities

No matter your reason, our friendly mechanics will help you throughout every step of the modification process and we back all parts and labor with a 24- month/24,000 mile warranty. This means any work we do will be guaranteed to last.

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For drivers in the Louisville area, Diesel Pickup Pros are the go-to shop for any and all diesel-engine truck services. We also welcome drivers from surrounding areas like:

If you’re chassis is damaged or to learn more about improving your truck’s chassis, please call or visit our shop today. Our technicians are always here to help with any questions or concerns about maintenance for your vehicle.

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