Louisville’s Unbeatable Tire Service for Your Diesel Truck

Whether you’re driving a pickup truck daily or using a diesel truck for work, the tires you choose will play a large part of the performance and efficiency you get out of your vehicle. Finding the right tires and then maintaining them is an important part of servicing your vehicle and you need to know that your mechanics know what important things to look for. At Diesel Pickup Pros our technicians help drivers throughout the Louisville area find the best tires for your diesel truck and maintain them.

The Best Tires for the Best Brands

At Diesel Pickup Pros we offer the widest selection of tires for the Louisville area’s most popular diesel-engine truck manufacturers:

When you visit our shop, we do more than just slap four tires on your truck and call it a day. Our mechanics work with you to find the best possible tires for your truck, your driving style and the type of performance you need from your truck.

Things to Consider When Buying New Tires

Diesel Pickup Truck Tire Repair & Service
  • Durability
  • Wear rate
  • Traction
  • Available size offerings
  • Handling benefits
  • Terrain capabilities

Another important thing to consider is the quality and health of your current tires. Whether you’re driving a diesel truck for work or use a pickup truck for daily commutes, a tread depth that is 2/32 of an inch is legally worn out in most states and means you need new tires for your truck. As a rule of thumb, we suggest new tires when your tread depth reaches 4/32 of an inch so be sure to schedule annual service appointments with our mechanics to have your tires rotated and checked for wear and tear.

Find Your New Tires Today

Diesel Pickup Pros is the go-to tire shop for diesel-engine truck owners throughout Louisville and surrounding areas including:

If your tires are looking worn-out or you would like to find new tires to maximize your truck’s performance, please call or visit our shop today to learn more. Our friendly mechanics and technicians are here to make everything from buying new tires to maintaining your current ones as easy and convenient as possible.

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