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Diesel engines have long been a staple of pickup and work trucks throughout the country. Known for providing more power and performance than a standard engine, diesel engines give your truck the extra boost it needs to get any job done. With diesel engines however, there is a completely different set of maintenance standards and services that need to be adhered to. At Diesel Pickup Pros we make maintaining your diesel engine easier, faster, and more affordable than the dealerships. Our experts are the preferred diesel mechanics for drivers all throughout the Louisville area.

Servicing the Best Brands

Each manufacturer uses unique engines that need specific maintenance to continue performing at the highest level. At Diesel Pickup Pros, our mechanics have years of experience working with all Cummins, Duramax, Mercedes, and Powerstroke engine vehicles including:

Using the latest factory-grade tools and equipment, our mechanics are able to service your car with the same high quality and accuracy as the dealerships, but faster and with an emphasis on customer service.

Common Diesel Engine Problems

Since diesel engines differ from standard gas engines, they have a different array of issues that can occur. Our mechanics use the latest diagnostic equipment to inspect and diagnose any issue that may be occurring with your engine. We handle any and all diesel engine repairs including:

Diesel Pickup Truck Engine Repair & Service
  • Oxidized oil
  • Black exhaust
  • Lack of power
  • Failing lead-acid storage batteries
  • Glow plug replacements
  • Contaminated fuel
  • Unusual noises

No matter what the issue is, our ASE certified mechanics have the experience and materials needed to diagnose and repair your engine.

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You rely on your diesel engine to perform at a high level under any circumstance and proper maintenance ensures you can always count on it. The mechanics at Diesel Pickup Pros help drivers throughout Louisville and surrounding areas like:

If your diesel engine is need of maintenance or to schedule routine maintenance, please call or visit our shop today to speak with one of our technicians.

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