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Seemingly growing by the minute, Jeffersonville is packed with historical sites that also make it a popular tourist destination all year-round. In the area, drivers often turn to diesel-engine trucks for their durability and reliability. Whether you’re driving a heavy-duty work truck or a pickup truck as a daily commuter, the added power and performance of a diesel-engine is something drivers count on. With diesel engines though, there is a high standard when it comes to maintenance that can’t be taken care of by just any mechanic. At Diesel Pickup Pros we help drivers throughout Jeffersonville take better care of their diesel-engine trucks with an emphasis on quality and customer service.

Servicing the Most Popular Brands

At Diesel Pickup Pros we pride ourselves on offering complete maintenance programs for the area’s most popular diesel-engine vehicles:

Our state of the art shop is fully equipped with the same high-end factory-grade tools and equipment as the dealerships. Combined with our experienced and certified technicians, we’re able to diagnose and repair any issues in your car faster and more affordable than the dealerships.

Getting the Job Done Right

When you choose our shop, we’re committed to your satisfaction. We work closely with you to ensure your diesel-engine truck gets the service it needs. We handle everything in-house including:

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Diesel Pickup Pros is proud to help drivers all throughout the Jeffersonville area. Whether it’s your daily pickup truck or a heavy work truck, our shop has the tools and equipment needed to get any problem taken care of. Our friendly and knowledgeable mechanics are always here to help with any questions about maintenance you may have. Please, call or visit our shop today to schedule your truck’s next appointment.

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