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The Chevrolet Duramax is susceptible to fuel starvation failures because the engine lacks a lift pump to feed the primary pressure pump. The high-pressure fuel pump, also known as the injection pump, is responsible for vacuuming fuel from the tank. Below we will go into more detail about fuel starvation and what you should do if you find yourself having these problems.

What is fuel starvation?

In an internal combustion engine, fuel starvation is the failure of the fuel system to supply an adequate amount of fuel for the engine to run as it should. There is still fuel in the fuel tank, but it is unable to get to the engine. Your Chevrolet Duramax becomes completely void of usable fuel.

Causes of Fuel Starvation

When the appropriate amount of fuel is unable to reach the engine block, your truck will not function as it should. While there is no definitive reason for your Chevrolet Duramax to be experiencing fuel starvation, there are a few speculations.

It is believed to be related to injector failure. It is common among 2001-2007 LB7 models for the filter housing to experience cracks and leaking in the O-ring, which allows air to enter the system. In addition to a clogged fuel filter, it has been thought to be a cause of the injector failure on 2001-2004 models.

When contaminants make it past the fuel filter and fuel pump, it can clog up the line feeding diesel to the engine, essentially rendering your vehicle useless. The fuel tank would need to be drained and cleaned all hoses within the system either professionally cleaned or replaced, and potentially replace the fuel pump if it has failed as well.


While it might not be completely preventable, there are things you can do to help ensure the proper function of all aspects of your Chevrolet Duramax. Routine upkeep and maintenance of your fuel system by your trusted, certified auto shop will aid in keeping your vehicle on the road instead of in need of continual repairs.

Also, ensuring your fuel cap is always secured properly allows less of a chance for contaminants to enter the fuel tank and flow through, potentially clogging the entire fuel system.

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