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Your Ford Powerstroke turbocharger provides various advantages that you count on to work properly. Power density and engine efficiency is a plus when you use your truck daily or utilize it to tow or haul heavy loads. However, your Ford Powerstroke’s turbocharger can face problems and become defective. Your vehicle will need to be checked and fixed by professionals well-versed with Ford Powerstroke Turbochargers.

How Your Turbocharger Works

Turbocharger uses exhaust fumes to spin an air pump that pushes more air into the engine. This speeds up combustion and burns the remaining fuel without needing a larger mixing space. As a result, fuel efficiency and engine performance increase.

Why do turbochargers fail?

We’ve put together the most common reasons that lead to turbocharger failure:

  • Carbon deposits: Carbon buildup in Ford Powerstroke turbochargers occurs over time. As a result, heat spots can occur on the turbo and cause cracks on the turbo housing. Also, carbon can lead to the failure of impeller shaft bearing.
  • Blocked catalytic converter: A blocked catalytic converter increases back pressure within the exhaust system and disrupts the turbo.
  • Poor lubrication: Poor lubrication can lead to sludge buildup and poor oil circulation. This can cause oil feed passage to block. Consequently, the oil seal and bearing may fail, leading to the destruction of the turbocharger unit.
  • Poor driving practice: Your driving practice has a lot to do with the lifespan of your turbocharger. Typically, your Ford Powerstroke turbocharger should last at least 150,000 If you drive or rev hard and do not allow the turbocharger to spool down after heavily loading, it may experience rapid wear in the bearings, seals, and impeller shaft areas.
  • Ruptured pipes and intercoolers: As parts wear down, broken oil feed pipes, breather hoses, boost pipes, or poor-functioning intercoolers can lead to turbocharger failure and loss in engine performance. It is advisable to get these components inspected during the regular service of your Ford by our specialized technicians.

Common Symptoms that Indicate Your Ford Powerstroke Turbocharger is Defective

  • Power loss and slow acceleration: When your turbocharger is faulty, your Ford will stop performing as it used to. You might not reach higher speeds on command. Also, your vehicle might fail to accelerate fast when you need it to, for instance, in a situation you want to merge into traffic or pass another car on the highway. This can be very dangerous for you and everyone on the road.
  • Strange noise: A failing turbo may produce loud whining, siren-like noise that increases as the problem worsens. If you experience this with your Ford, it is best to get your vehicle inspected by professional mechanics for diagnosis and repair.
  • Excessive exhaust emissions: When you notice discolored exhaust fumes from your tailpipe, the turbo might be the culprit. Wear in seals or a crack in the turbocharger may allow oil to leak into the exhaust. As the oil burns, it produces grayish-blue smoke.
  • Check engine light illuminating: The check engine light on your dashboard can illuminate due to many reasons. Sometimes it could be due to an issue with your Ford’s turbocharger. You cannot always tell for sure why the check engine light illuminates, which is why this indicator often gets a bad rap. However, because something isn’t functioning properly, you should bring your truck in to be checked by our specialized mechanics as soon as possible.
  • High diesel consumption: One function of a turbocharger is to provide fuel efficiency. If you notice that you need to fill your tank more frequently than you used to, it could be that your turbocharger is not functioning efficiently.

If you notice the above symptoms with your vehicle, it is best to visit our professional service center to diagnose and fix your turbocharger defects.

Diesel Pickup Pros Will Fix your Ford Powerstroke Turbocharger

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