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Are you facing suspension issues with your Ram Cummins? The suspension should not only give you a comfortable ride but also guarantee your safety on the road. It is designed to ensure that you have a firm grip on your Ram for the safety of other road users.

There have been many complaints by Ram users over the quality of the suspension. While traveling at highway speeds, hitting a dip or a bump in the road leads to an intense shake on the front end. This does not stop until the truck is brought down to below highway speeds. Some drivers have reported the effect at as low as 40mph. The truck continues to shake after hitting a depression to a point of almost impossible to control, unlike other typical suspension sets.

This has informally been called “The Death Wobble Defect” and has led to safety recalls by Chrysler from 2009 through 2013.

Chrysler classified these recalls as safety recalls l16, h46, h36, k28, n62, n63 and n49. Their explanation is that the ball stud is defective in the Chrysler suspension design. The tie-rod ball stud driver’s side is too weak and has a known tendency to fracture under normal driving conditions. A loose tie rod can cause any vehicle to have the dreaded death wobble.

Identifying Suspension Issues

Let’s look at how to identify your truck suspension problems and how to check your truck for suspension issues:

  • Your truck rides roughly: Your suspension is wearing out if you start to feel every bump on the road. Hitting any bump results in the body of the vehicle bouncing ending in a very bumpy ride. This is a sign that your suspension needs repair or replacement.
  • Drifting or pulling during turns: As you negotiate corners, you will feel your truck drift or pull. This is a sign of a failing suspension system. The centrifugal force of a turn takes on your suspension when they are failing. This will increase the risk of a rollover. This can be a danger to you and other road users. When you experience this issue, visit a certified garage for a checkup.
  • Nose dives when stopping: The cause for a nosedive while braking your truck is coming from the shocks and/or struts! Your truck should brake quickly and centered. When the front-end jerks forward, takes longer to brake, you have a problem with your shocks and/or struts. This may affect your capability to stop the car quickly.
  • Uneven tire treads: If you notice that tread is wearing unevenly on your tires, then it is a sign that your suspension isn’t holding the car evenly and is exerting uneven amounts of pressure on the tires. Secondly, shocks and struts help ensure regular tire-to-road contact which is so important for optimal performance. When your truck’s shocks and struts are worn out, the car can often bounce, causing the tires to leave the road. This bouncing causes scalloping of the tires, which is when pieces of rubber are gouged out of the tire.
  • Oily shocks: This is one of the most popular signs that your shocks are worn out. Take a look at the shocks and suspension. Check for any oil. If you notice any, visit our certified garage for an immediate replacement. Replacing all four shocks at once will be to your advantage, replacing one only can make the handling of your car worse.
  • Perform the bounce test: If you have a feeling that your suspension is wearing, try this simple test. It requires some muscle: choose one corner of the car and push down hard. When you release, the truck should bounce up, then settle back to at-rest height. If your truck bounces more than twice, you most likely have a bad suspension.

Diesel Pickup Pros for Your Suspension

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