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If your Chevrolet Duramax was involved in a collision, chances are your truck’s bumper may have sustained some degree of damage. However, your bumper is an essential part of your truck and should be kept in good condition. The purpose of bumpers is to reduce or prevent physical damage to the front and rear of vehicles in low-speed crashes.

The bumpers are designed to protect the hood, trunk, grille, fuel, exhaust, and cooling system. The question of whether you need a repair or outright replacement of your Chevrolet Duramax’s bumper depends on several factors, which you shall find out as you read on.

Reasons Why You Need to Repair or Replace Your Bumper

Presence of dents or cracks

The structural integrity of your bumper may be affected by dents and cracks. Tiny dents or cracks may seem like surface or cosmetic damage, but these dents may affect the bumper’s structural integrity. Hence, a damaged bumper may no longer be capable of withstanding impact during a crash.

Damaged hooks can make your Chevrolet Duramax bumper unstable

It may be best to replace your bumper if you notice that damage has been done to the hooks holding the bumper in place. Although the damage may not be visible in some cases, there may be tiny dents or cracks around the hooks.

The hooks may experience vibrations when driving and may break or detach from the bumper. When this happens, your bumper may fall off, and there is a possibility that it may hit another vehicle and the likelihood of causing an accident.

Non-visible damage in the bumper

Sometimes, repairing your bumper may not be enough, especially after an accident. There may be some unseen damage underneath the bumper. The foam layer underneath your bumper helps absorb vibrations caused by an object’s impact or from road imperfections.

When there is a collision on your bumper, the foam layer may break into pieces or may push inside your vehicle. The foam layer should be inspected and replaced if broken.

Presence of scratch or paint damage

The severity of the scratches or paint damage may determine whether you should repair or get a replacement. If the extent of chipped paint or scratches is severe, replacing your bumper may be appropriate. With minor scratches, you may only have to sand down the bumper. However, there may be a need to fill up deep scratches to make the surface appear even. That’s not all. An automotive technician may also have to paint the bumper so it will match your truck’s color.

Resurfacing or evening out a damaged Chevrolet Duramax bumper may be recommended when the scratches are few. But it may be easier to replace and paint a new truck bumper if the scratches are deeper.

Repairing your bumper ensures safety

Your Chevrolet Duramax bumper absorbs any impact or force that occurs during a collision. Minor damages to your bumper may affect the absorbing capacity of the bumper and weaken its structural integrity.

The bumper bar that helps in directing a force or impact outward may be damaged, and when this happens, you and your passengers may be affected if you experience a high-impact collision.

Repairing your bumper helps to improve your Chevrolet Duramax resale value

When you put up your truck for sale with a damaged bumper, it may raise some red flags. The potential buyer may feel there may be other issues with your truck, which can affect the truck’s resale value.

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