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Owning a truck is as American as apple pie, but owning a diesel truck is on another level. They provide the extra torque needed to get the heavy-duty jobs done. When you need your truck to haul that heavy trailer, pull a large boat, cross a mountain range, or load up with a lift kit, you need a diesel.

Of course, diesels have the best fuel economy and longevity to get these types of jobs completed, and you can depend on them when the work is challenging. They do not need as much maintenance as a gas-powered truck, but they do still need regular maintenance and care, especially if you are putting them through their paces on a regular basis.

If you are not maintaining your diesel truck, the repairs can stack up, sidelining your truck and your ability to get the job done. There are a few things to watch out for to keep your diesel in the best possible shape so it can work as hard as you.

Difficult Start

If you are new to a diesel, this is something to research. Diesels can be a bit stubborn and crank a little when you first turn the ignition. While this is common for the diesel, do not become comfortable with this quirk. If your diesel becomes exceptionally hard to start, bring it to a diesel pickup technician for a look. Waiting too long may result in the pickup not starting at all.

Lack of Power

Your diesel pickup needs power to pull those heavy loads. You depend on that power on a daily basis. The fuel injector solenoids could not be firing, causing a loss of power. Before attempting to change the fuel injector yourself, speak to a certified technician since this lack of power could have another cause such as dirty fuel filters, loose throttle linkage, or excessive lubrication.

Faulty Lead/Acid Storage Battery

The lead/acid storage battery is a critical part of the diesel pickup starter system. There is a significant load on these batteries, and if they malfunction, you may end up with an imbalanced compression ratio. This will negatively influence the starter system, leaving you stuck in your garage or on the job site. Your auto shop can help get this corrected before you get this far.

Alternator Mismatch

Your alternator must be sized to the correct amperage to support the draw of the vehicle components. If the alternator does not support the vehicle load, it pulls a drain on the battery to run it, causing the diesel to eventually shut down. Your technician will ensure your alternator supports the total load of the vehicle, and that the batteries will accept an increased charging rate.

Black Exhaust

If you turn on your truck and black exhaust belches from the back, this is often caused by an imbalance of the air-to-fuel ratio, meaning too much fuel and not enough air. Your certified diesel technician will be able to pinpoint your problem since this could be several things including a faulty injector, injector pump, air filter, or EGR valve. Your diesel could even have a faulty turbocharger.

Glow Plugs Have Gone Bad

If you turn on the ignition, and the normal coil wire dash warning light that you have seen every day is no longer on, you may have a defective glow plug. Diesel engines do not use spark plugs to ignite the fuel-air mixture like gas-powered cars. Instead they use glow plugs, like the heating element in a stove. When your glow plugs fail, it is nearly impossible to start the engine, especially as the weather cools. Your auto shop can replace the plugs and get your engine heated and running.

Diesel Pickup Pros Will Fix Electrical System Issues

Diesel pickup trucks are the workhorses of the road. However, they need to be treated like thoroughbreds to keep up with the demands we make on them. GMC Duramax Electrical System RepairDiesel Pickup Pros is located in Floyds Knobs, Jeffersonville, New Albany IN and Louisville, KY. We make maintaining your truck’s electrical system easy and convenient.

We are the go-to shop for electrical system services and repairs because we service the best brands using only the best factory-grade tools and equipment. Our ASE certified mechanics are committed to quality with every visit.

Here at Diesel Pickup Pros, our technicians will check your entire electrical system no matter what problems you are having, ensuring a complete quality check on each component. If you are in the Floyds Knobs, Jeffersonville, or New Albany, IN areas, or in Louisville, KY, stop by Diesel Pickup Pros and let our technicians look over your diesel pickup. We offer a guarantee on our service and parts with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty. We want you to know you are always in good hands at Diesel Pickup Pros. Contact us today for an appointment.

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