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Your Ford Powerstroke may develop problems associated with the EGR cooler for many reasons. This part is integral to the heating and cooling process.

An EGR cooler is part of the exhaust gas recirculation, which is key in keeping your vehicle on the road. The EGR is a nitrogen oxide emissions reduction technique. It works by recirculating part of the engine’s exhaust gases back into the cylinders.

An exhaust gas reduction cooler exchanges heat from the exhaust air to the engine coolant. One-piece contains the flow of exhaust gas while another is filled with engine coolant. It is responsible for cooling the exhaust heat before it enters the engine to reduce the probability of your engine overheating.

Why is a broken EGR cooler a problem?

The exhaust gas recirculation cooler is annoying for many Ford Powerstroke owners. This part is known to rupture in the center, which allows coolant to flow into the intake or exhaust. Exhaust gas recirculation cooler failure allows exhaust pressure into the cooling system. In doing so, it increases the pressure within the system leading to the possibility of a blown head gasket.

It often fails due to poor design, excess stress from the amount of heat and pressure, reduced or blocked the flow of coolant, a buildup of soot, or even a failed water pump.

Warning Signs of EGR Failure

The first sign of exhaust gas recirculation cooler failure is almost always white exhaust smoke. It appears as smoke but is steam from boiling coolant. A few common causes of this are failure of the head gasket, a cracked EGR cooler, or condensation in the exhaust system.

The constant need to fill the coolant reservoir is another common warning sign. If you are having to fill your Ford Powerstroke with coolant often but do not see a leak, it is likely the coolant is leaking out through a cracked EGR cooler. When coolant leaks out a smaller amount through the exhaust gas recirculation system, it can cause a buildup of a tar-like substance. When there is enough coolant passing through the EGR system, it can make the exhaust gas recirculation valve appear wet.

Exhaust gas recirculation cooler failure is not only a problem within itself but can cause several larger problems if gone unfixed. It can lead to the need to completely remove and clean the intake manifold or even a hydro-locked engine. Complete failure of the EGR cooler can cause extensive, costly engine damage.

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