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One of the most important engine management sensors in your diesel pickup truck is RAM Cummin’s coolant temperature sensor. Find out what could possibly make them go bad and how to identify it. Coolant temperature switches, sometimes referred to as coolant temperature sensors are used to monitor the temperature of engine coolant. To measure the temperature of the coolant accurately, this engine management system sensor uses electrical resistance.

During the generation process, an automatic transmission is made between the computer and the generator to enable changes to be made to the signal. Engine timing and diesel calculations are changed as well to achieve premium performance. It is typical for automobile diesel engines to consume more diesel when they are cold and less diesel when they are fully warmed up.

A computer will automatically reduce engine performance settings if it detects too high engine temperatures. The engine is protected from overheating by this process. Overheating can cause serious damage to the engine.

Your engine’s performance depends heavily on temperature. A malfunctioning coolant temperature sensor may cause hiccups in engine performance very quickly. We will discuss some of the common symptoms of a bad coolant temperature sensor in this post. You should have your automobile checked out thoroughly if you notice any of these symptoms.

What is the purpose of the RAM Cummin’s coolant temperature sensor?

Essentially, the RAM Cummin’s coolant temperature sensor in your diesel truck monitors the temperature of the coolant flowing through the engine. As a result, you can determine how hot your engine is. The coolant temperature sensor detects overheating and triggers your dashboard light, along with any other response your truck is programmed with.

As soon as the engine reaches a certain temperature, many modern diesel trucks will automatically shut off the engine to prevent excess damage. If your coolant temperature sensor isn’t functioning properly, the engine won’t receive the shut-off signal, and you may suffer serious engine damage.

Warning Signs of a failing RAM Cummn’s Coolant Temperature Sensor

The cooling system is a delicate part and can sometimes develop problems without you being aware. In some cases, you can detect a failing coolant temperature sensor before it causes a major engine or transmission repair by looking for a few key signs.

Warning Signs Of A Failing RAM Cummin’s Coolant Temperature Sensor

  • The Check Engine Light is triggered: If you have a faulty or failed coolant temperature sensor, your check engine light may illuminate. A malfunctioning sensor signal can trigger the check engine light on your truck if the computer detects a problem. No matter how little you think the problem may be, if your truck’s check engine light is on, you should have it checked by a professional
  • Overheating Engine: When the coolant temperature sensor in your RAM Cummins fails, it may give a permanent cold signal. It can also malfunction in a way that sends a hot signal even when the engine temperature is okay. As a result, your truck may display a dashboard warning light when your engine is not overheating, and your vehicle may not function properly.
  • Inconsistent temperature data: You might have an engine coolant temperature sensor malfunction if you notice an increase or decrease in your engine’s temperature while driving. It is especially important to get a mechanic to look at your cooling system if your engine is warmer than it usually does. The reported temperature could be lower than it is.
  • An inefficient diesel economy: Coolant temperature sensors ensure your truck’s coolant mixture is correctly mixed with diesel as part of their job of accurately reporting the coolant temperature. If your ECT says the engine temperature is cool when it is warm or hot, you will use more diesel than necessary. In most cases, the temperature of the coolant will be reported as cooler than is accurate when the coolant temperature sensor is malfunctioning.

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