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The Ford fuel injection control module has been a source of problems for owners of the 6.0L powerstroke engines. The most common complaints involve difficulty starting the vehicle, poor starting during cold weather, loss of power, excessive smoking, rough idle, and worst of all, no start.

The Ford Powerstroke fuel injection control module controls fuel flow through the vehicle’s injection pump and fuel injectors. The control module has three immense electrical connections on the bottom side. They are connected with and communicate to the engine control module (ECM) and the eight fuel injectors.

The fuel injector control module has a logic and power supply side. The logic side controls the fuel injection timing and duration while the power side supplies the two small coils on the injector with power(48 volts).

The Function of the Fuel Injection Control Module

The fuel injection control module converts the battery’s voltage into the 48-volt supply and sends it to the injection coil. If the voltage drops below 48 (or 45, at the barest minimum) volts, the oil flow cannot be appropriately regulated. This results in malfunctioning fuel injectors and could potentially damage the control module’s internal circuitry.

When the voltage goes low, it delays the functioning of the injector coils. This causes the injectors to misfire, rough engine operation, or excessive smoking. Any of these symptoms become worse in cold weather situations.

The powertrain control module sends a signal to the injector control module. In turn, the injector control module or injector driver module fires the injectors. This module uses voltage to fire the injectors.

Symptoms of a Failing Fuel Injector Control Module

The failure of the fuel injector control module could result from either its power supply side or the logic side.

  • Rough engine operation: When the power supplied to the injector coils is below 48 volts, it affects the smooth functioning of the coils and results in a power supply side failure. This failure causes the engine to run poorly. You may also notice injector misfires and excessive smoke from the exhaust. You may also notice that the engine keeps going off after running for a while, and when it becomes stable, it still runs rough.
  • Reduced fuel efficiency: The flawed operation of the injector coil also affects the injector’s spool valve. This hinders the flow of the right amount of high-pressure oil into the injector, thereby impeding engine performance. Consequently, this takes a toll on your fuel efficiency.
  • No start: A failing fuel injector control module may make it difficult to start the engine. In severe cases, the engine may go cold and become unresponsive when you try to start it. When you notice these symptoms, it may indicate a failing fuel injector control module.
  • Odd/cranky sounds: Sometimes, your engine may also give out odd or cranky sounds for an unusually long period before the engine starts.

While some of these symptoms may be tolerable, if you do not attend promptly to them, it may result in more damage and costly repairs.

Causes of a Failing Fuel Injector Control Module

The primary cause of a failed fuel injector control module is a dead battery or a faulty alternator. When the alternator is broken and can no longer recharge the battery, or the battery has gone bad, the supply of power to the injector coils is affected. Replacing the battery or the alternator will solve the problem in other vehicles.

In the case of a fuel injector control module, a supply below 12.6 volts from the battery could potentially damage the control module’s internal circuitry. This causes the fuel injector control module to fail. It is better to consult a professional with special training to handle the problem with specialized tools when this happens.

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