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Over the years, Dodge Cummins engines have proven themselves to be powerful and reliable. Starting at 3.7 and going up to 8.3 liters, Cummins engines are known to be some of the best light truck diesel engines in existence. However, like any system in your truck, regular maintenance and monitoring is required to keep these engines running.

Common Problems with Cummins Engines

Issues with Dodge Cummins engines usually relate to emissions parts. There are a few common issues that can arise with these engines, including the following:

Let’s break these down to take a closer look.

Clogged DPF

Clogging in the diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a typical problem for this type of engine in a Dodge truck. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is helpful in keeping the DPF clear, but without it, a Cummins engine must run richer to reduce emissions. This results in more particulates which clogs the DPF.

As mileage increases, DPF clogging becomes more common in Cummins engines. This can be detrimental for a turbo diesel engine, as clogging can cause a buildup of back-pressure which leads to more stress on the engine.

It’s important to know the symptoms of a clogged DPF in order to address the problem. Common warning signs include the following:

  • power loss
  • long crank
  • reduced power mode
  • engine fault codes

Truck owners with DPF clogging problems can turn to a few solutions for their vehicle. Replacing the DPF is an option, and pressure washing can be helpful as well. The most important thing is to monitor your truck’s power loss and get the DPF checked out if you suspect something is wrong.

Turbocharger Failure

Although turbocharger failure is more common on earlier model Cummins engines, it can still happen at any point, since turbos naturally endure a lot of stress. A few symptoms of turbocharger problems include the following:

  • leaking oil seals
  • worn bearings
  • slow spool
  • compressor or turbine wheel damage
  • whining sounds

Many of these symptoms come with the age of your turbocharger. Leaking oil seals and worn down bearings can cause an array of problems in your engine if left unchecked. These issues are especially prominent after reaching 120,000 miles in your truck.

Look out for smoke and oil loss as a clear indicator of turbo problems. It’s vital to take care of your turbo and be mindful of its wear and tear. Rebuilding a turbocharger in a Cummins engine is possible, but replacement is usually the better option.

Fuel Dilution

Some fuel dilution is normal for the Cummins engine. However, if levels go past around 5%, then problems can arise. There aren’t any immediately noticeable symptoms for fuel dilution in the Dodge Cummins engine. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do an oil analysis regularly to determine dilution levels. After that, coming up with an oil change schedule is another good preventative measure.

There are also a couple things you can do to avoid fuel dilution. These include allowing the engine to warm up and avoiding excessive idling. These tips will naturally prevent fuel dilution that can impact the function of your truck’s engine. Regular oil changes and routine maintenance are also a must.

Diesel Pickup Pros will maintain Your Dodge Cummins Engine

Diesel Pickup Pros is located off of Dutch Lane in Jeffersonville, Indiana. We are a premier garage for diesel trucks and serve the entire Jeffersonville area, including Floyds Knobs, Georgetown, Jeffersonville, New Albany, and Louisville.

You can trust that your Dodge Cummins engine is in good hands at Diesel Pickup Pros. Our ASE certified mechanics will assist you with many aspects of your Cummins engine, including:

  • engine repairs & diagnostics
  • injector services
  • turbocharger maintenance
  • DPF cleaning

For comprehensive service and reliable experts Dodge Cummins Engine Repair to work with your Dodge Cummins engine, head to Diesel Pickup Pros. No matter the make or model of your diesel vehicle, our expert technicians have the skills and pursue ongoing training for technology updates and the latest updates from the manufacturer.

Knowing the symptoms of engine problems is the first step to maintaining reliability of your classic Cummins engine. If you feel your engine is in need of attention, Diesel Pickup Pros is eager to help you keep your truck in top condition.

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