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Diesel engines have greatly evolved from the diesel engines of the past.Duramax diesel engines offer the torque, horsepower, and capabilities to power full-size trucks. However, there are times even the most robust of engines would require a fix. The Chevrolet Duramax may develop certain problems that need attention, such as a fuel pressure relief valve failure.

The fuel pressure relief valve is designed to help regulate the fuel pressure in the fuel rail. Common rail injections systems are between 23,000 to 29,000 PSI. So when the fuel pressure goes beyond this level, the fuel pressure relief valve will open to let the excess pressure escape into the return system.

How does the Duramax Fuel system work?

The power output of a diesel engine is determined by the amount of fuel used rather than the amount of air. The Duramax employs a common rail system in which high fuel pressure is usually accessible to an electronically-controlled fuel injector which regulates the fuel delivered to the combustion enclosure.

Where is the fuel pressure relief valve located on a Duramax engine?

The fuel pressure relief valve is found on the fuel junction block inside the valley underneath the metal turbo inlet. To get a decent view of the fuel pressure relief valve, you must remove the AC compressor, thermostat compartment, and the turbo inlet.

What Causes a High Fuel Rail Pressure in Duramax?

A high fuel rail pressure is typically caused by a faulty fuel pump or an obstructed fuel filter. A high fuel rail pressure forces more fuel through the injectors than required. The results are high emissions and a black exhaust.

Symptoms of Fuel Pressure Relief Valve Failure in Chevrolet Duramax

The failure of the fuel pressure relief valve affects the performance of your truck and may also cause other problems for your truck’s engine components. The following symptoms indicate a problem with the fuel pressure relief valve:

  • Fuel leaks: A fuel pressure valve failure can result in fuel leaks, posing a serious safety hazard. It also affects the performance of your truck and may also cause a strong diesel smell.
  • Malfunctioning engine: While there may be other causes of an engine malfunction, a failing fuel pressure relief valve is a possible reason for such an occurrence.
  • Black smoke exuding from the exhaust: Black smoke from the exhaust could signify that the fuel pressure relief valve is malfunctioning. When the combustion process is running rich, the release of heavy smoke from the vehicle’s tailpipe is the resultant effect.
  • Engine misfires cause acceleration loss and decreased fuel efficiency: One of the main symptoms of a failing fuel pressure relief valve is reduced engine performance. Your truck’s fuel pressure gets disrupted once the fuel pressure relief valve begins to malfunction.
  • Other symptoms of the problem are reduced fuel efficiency, poor acceleration, and malfunctioning engines. However, you must note that these symptoms could result from other problems aside from a failing fuel pressure relief valve. So we suggest you find a diesel automotive specialist to help diagnose the issue and make the appropriate inspections and necessary repairs.

Finding The Best Repair Shop In Jeffersonville For Your Chevrolet Duramax

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