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Diesel engines are the ultimate choice for maximum power in your work or pickup truck. From towing large trailers to lift kits, diesel engines give your pickup truck the extra strength and durability needed for oversize jobs and outstanding performance that lasts.

Drivers who choose diesel-powered vehicles for their business and large scale projects are looking for excellent service from knowledgeable and reliable mechanics. Standards for maintenance and repair of diesel-powered vehicles are different from those of standard gas engines.

Savvy drivers will choose a mechanic who understands the unique features of a diesel engine. If you drive your diesel pickup for business, you are likely looking for a service partner who can take the hassle out of repairs, so you can get back to work with the confidence that your diesel-powered vehicle is running smoothly, safely, and at maximum capacity. Let’s take a closer look.

The Big Name in Diesel Engines for Pickup Trucks: The Chevy Duramax

The most popular brands and models of the pickup truck and diesel engines continue to be Chevrolet Duramax, Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, GMC Duramax, RAM Cummins, and Mercedes Sprinter.

Chevrolet’s reputation as the all-American brand for durability and excellence is well known. The Chevy Duramax stands out among drivers as one of the best in diesel pick up options. Chevrolet has become synonymous with pickups, and the dynamic design and performance of the Duramax diesel engine show exactly why drivers chose Chevy for their diesel engine needs.

The latest Chevrolet pickups are equipped for towing up to 35,000 pounds, with a payload of over 7,000 pounds. The Duramax diesel engines that power these pickups are built for long term, heavy-duty performance.

The Chevrolet Duramax comes in over seven models, requiring specialized skill and knowledge to maintain and repair each. Drivers who choose a vehicle with a Chevy Duramax engine for their pick up or utility work are counting on the latest in technology and industry-standard manufacturing. Service needs to be fast, accurate and informed by the latest in product specifications and advances.

Why Finding the Right Service for your Chevy Duramax Matters

Drivers who choose pickup trucks with diesel engines are expecting the best in power, capacity, and trustworthy performance.When you take your pickup truck in for engine repairs, service, or even optional enhancements, you want to know that your service team understands exactly what to do and that the work is done quickly and efficiently. Choosing the right mechanic and service partners for your diesel pickup will make all the difference in the quality, efficiency, and value of the service.

Your pickup engine has different requirements based on its manufacturer. Each of the top brands mentioned above, including the Chevy Duramax, comes with very particular specifications, so it’s extremely important to choose a service partner with knowledge of the unique requirements for each vehicle and engine.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a feature or simply take care of some regular maintenance, you need a mechanic with a deep working knowledge of your vehicle and its diesel engine.

Diesel Pickup Pros: The best choice for your Chevy Duramax Diesel Powered Engine

At Diesel Pickup Pros, we are the proven leader for high-quality maintenance on Chevrolet Duramax Engine Repair Chevy pickups in the greater Louisville, Kentucky area. Satisfied customers have testified to our excellent customer service and honest communication while handling their repair and maintenance needs.

Our extensive training and certification guarantees that we can provide the absolute best service for all of your Chevy Duramax diesel engine needs. From ASE-certification and factory training to hands-on experience, our team of highly-trained mechanics have worked with Chevy Duramax engines of all models for many years.

From basic diagnostics to custom installations, Diesel Pickup Pros are the leading experts in caring for your diesel-powered Chevy Duramax. We go beyond the engine, providing service options for everything from AC and heating, brake systems, and wheel alignments and replacement.

Diesel Pickup Pros is the only garage you will need for your Chevy vehicle and Duramax diesel engine. From service to pricing to speed, Diesel PickUp Pros outperforms even dealership standards when it comes to the maintenance and service for your diesel pickup engine.

Call, visit us or go online today to make an appointment at one of several convenient locations in and around Louisville: Floyd Knobs, New Albany Georgetown, and Jeffersonville.

* Chevrolet Duramax image credit goes to: nuttapong.

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