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Since its conception, Mercedes-Benz has offered some of the finest vehicles the market has to offer. The best part: they aren’t just pretty. Mercedes-Benz offers top-of-the line technology and engineering with their vehicles, and the Mercedes Sprinter is one of the best examples of this.

With maximum storage, seating, and a slew of safety features, the Mercedes Sprinter is one of the best work vehicles available. It is known for being dependable, but carrying heavy materials and goods can affect the suspension of the Mercedes Sprinter.

Importance of Suspension

A vehicle’s suspension might often be overlooked, but it is extremely important since it not only allows for a smooth drive, but it also keeps the car in control by carrying the vehicle’s weight and increasing steering stability and handling.

Signs of Suspension Problems

All drivers expect a smooth ride when they open their vehicle door and slide into the driver’s seat. More importantly, drivers expect their vehicle to be controlled, reliable, and safe. To keep this expectation, the suspension on your vehicle needs to be in top working condition. Below are some things to look out for when it comes to suspension issues.

Check Your Tires

When your vehicle’s suspension is going bad, it can’t carry the weight of the vehicle evenly. This puts more strain and uneven pressure on your tires. Wear on their tread can be a good indicator that your vehicle needs to be taken to the shop. The wear on the tire tread will be uneven or bald in some spots.

Pulling to One Side

If you notice your car isn’t driving in a straight line but instead pulling to the left or right, there could be a suspension issue. Though this is the most common sign of suspension issues, it can also be the trickiest to diagnose if you aren’t a professional. The vehicle’s tires could also be responsible for this pull.

Tire alignment

It needs to be precise for the tires of a vehicle to work properly. Misalignment can lead to a number of issues from lower gas mileage to fighting with your steering wheel. With either issue, your vehicle will need to be inspected with diagnostic tools by a professional.

A Bumpy Ride

One of the main jobs of a vehicle’s suspension is to create a smooth ride. When driving, you should barely feel any bumps in the road. If you notice a rough ride or that every bump makes your car bounce, you may need suspension repairs or replacements.

To confirm suspension problems, try the bounce test. Park your vehicle, lean all your weight against the front end of it, and release it. If the Sprinter bounces back and forth three or more times, it’s time to bring your vehicle in for repairs because the suspension is damaged.

One Corner Sits Lower

Your car should sit evenly on level ground. If one corner is sitting lower than the other, you have damage within your suspension. Most likely a spring is damaged and the suspension and spring can’t work together properly. Along with one corner of your car sitting lower, you may also notice noises like clunking or creaking when going over bumps. A damaged spring is especially dangerous when driving with poor road conditions.

We Are Here to Help

If you experience any of the above or suspect that your vehicle’s suspension is damaged, bring it into Diesel Pickup Pros as Mercedes Sprinter Suspension Issues Fix soon as you can. Not only will a damaged suspension harm your vehicle, it creates unsafe driving conditions for you and others on the road.

Diesel Pickup Pros handles suspension maintenance and repairs in work trucks like the Mercedes Sprinter as well as diesel-engine pickups. Schedule an appointment at any one of our locations in Floyd Knobs, Georgetown, Jeffersonville, New Albany, IN and Louisville, KY.

We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s suspension, and once we diagnose the issue, we will use the latest factory-grade tools and equipment to install any new parts. Between this and our 24-month/24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor, all your suspension issues will be remedied, and we will have you safely driving with confidence in no time.

* Mercedes-Benz Sprinter image credit goes to: DarthArt.

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