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One of the most common issues we see with Ford Powerstroke engines is an ICP sensor failure. This can have detrimental effects on your pickup truck and prevent it from starting. The Injector Control Pressure (ICP) sensor determines the pressure needed to inject the fuel into the chambers for the combustion process. If this vital component fails in your Ford Powerstroke engine, it will severely affect your pickup’s performance.

The Ford Motor Company has produced quality pickup trucks since 1925 and has a loyal customer base. This brand and model is ideal for hauling trailers, boats, and other heavy machines. Your Ford truck will have mechanical and technological vulnerabilities, also parts that wear out or break. Pickup trucks endure a lot of wear and tear, so parts need to be maintained and replaced at certain intervals.

The ICP can be one of the components of a diesel engine that fails earlier than planned. People use Ford pickups for everything from construction work to hauling trailers on the road. Ford pickup owners must be aware of ICP sensor failure to plan and prepare.

The ICP or Injector Control Pressure sensor is an essential part of your Ford Diesel engine. This electronic part communicates how much pressure is needed to determine the amount of fuel to deliver to the motor.

Warning Signs of ICP Sensor Failure

A few performance problems with your Ford pickup can signify the ICP sensor needs replacing. Having a working pickup truck with no mechanical issues is essential for safety, especially if you plan to tow a trailer or boat down a busy highway. Read below for some common signs of ICP sensor failure.

  • Engine Light is On: Always respond quickly when the engine light turns on. If this occurs, your truck’s computer has detected an issue with a sensor and is alerting you to a problem. The ICP sensor could be the problem. Investigate further by taking your Ford pickup to an auto shop.
  • Check for Oil in the Sensor: If you are comfortable under the hood of a pickup truck and want a do-it-yourself project, pop open the hood and find the ICP sensor with a flashlight. Unplug the sensor and see if it has oil in it. If you discover oil, that indicates that it is failing. You will need to replace it. If you’d like our professionals to take a look and make the repair, we’re happy to help.
  • Engine Trouble: If the ICP sensor needs to be replaced, some of the following issues might be occurring with your truck. Overall, the performance of your pickup will be weak. The truck might stall, idle roughly, or sputter. These can be early warning signs that your ICP sensor is failing. Additionally, your truck might fail to start.

Bring your Ford Powerstroke to our trusted mechanics who are diesel pickup experts and are trained on Ford Powerstroke engines. Since this issue is common with Ford pickups, trust our professionals with your truck’s engine and maintenance.

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