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Dodge trucks are widely known for their inherent power and exceptional performance. In fact, those that are outfitted with a Cummins engine possess the most potential and can be used in a variety of manners that range from farming with large trailers in tow to heading to a job site with tools in the back. Dodge trucks are also notorious for their tendencies to develop cracked dashboards, sometimes due to the design of this truck or the materials that are used. Most Dodge trucks will develop an unsightly crack in their dashboard over time.

While this isn’t something Dodge owners can typically fix at home, a cracked dashboard is no problem for our professionals at Diesel Pickup Pros. We can easily repair your dash and get you back on the road quickly.

Why do Dodge Cummins Dashboards crack?

The problem with cracking dashboards is mainly associated with Dodge trucks. Other brands may have this same issue, but it is with far less frequency. In prior years, it was common for the dash to shrink and crack around the heating vents made for defrosting the windshield, but over time it appeared this problem wasn’t going away. Common culprits that contribute to dash cracking in Dodge Cummins trucks include:

  • Sun Damage: The dash of your Dodge Cummins truck takes the brunt of the unbearable heat within the cab in the hot summer months. Consistent exposure to high heat can cause the dash to become brittle over time.
  • Hard Plastics: Unlike other truck models that use composite material for their dash, the hard plastic of Dodge Cummins trucks can easily become fractured. Once a crack appears on the dash of your Dodge Cummins, it can be hard to get cracking and breaking to stop.
  • Temperature Changes: Going back and forth from hot to cold is commonplace for the Dodge Cummins dashboards because the windshield defroster resides here. In an attempt to make their dashes better, Dodge used a thicker plastic, which has only become more susceptible to cracking.

Cracked Dashboard Repair

Whether your Dodge’s dashboard cracked because of wear and tear or longevity and use, once it is cracked there is no quick fix. Unfortunately, the cracking will simply become worse every day it is exposed and goes unrepaired. Don’t attempt to use tape or glue to get it to stay together, as it will simply continue to come apart and create a sticky mess.

In other vehicles, vinyl dashes can just be recovered. Yet, this isn’t the case with a Dodge Cummins, because of the material used in its design. There are a few different options for repair, but all of them should be left to professionals with expertise and experience in this area.  Here are a few solutions we can offer:

  • OEM replacement dash
  • molded plastic dash cover
  • felt dash cover

These resolutions for cracked Dodge Cummins dashboards are listed in order of price from highest to lowest. The most costly replacement dash is about $200-300, while the felt dash cover is about $30.

See Diesel Pickup Pros For Your Dodge Cummins Dashboard Repair

Seeking help for your Dodge Cummins cracked dashboard should not be put off, as this is a problem that only worsens with time. It won’t affect your driving, Dodge Cummins Cracked Dashboard Repair but it could become a hazard if large chunks start to break off and damage your electrical system underneath. Since this is not something you will want to tackle on your own, let Diesel Pickup Pros take a look at your Dodge diesel truck and provide repair options for you.

We have several locations to choose from including Floyds Knobs, Georgetown, Jeffersonville, New Albany in Indiana, and Louisville, Kentucky. Our trained technicians are experienced in the specialized care diesel trucks need and problems that are specific to these models. With our top priority being performance and quality diesel truck repair, we are the go-to facility for your Dodge Cummins repair needs.

The next time you find yourself in need of a dashboard repair for your Dodge Cummins, or any larger issue, give us a call at (812) 913-0101. Our friendly staff would be happy to set up an appointment to check out your Dodge diesel truck.

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