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Chevrolet Duramax engines come with a manufacturer’s warranty because they are designed and built for long-term performance. Because of its robust powertrain, this model can run for a long time and withstand all the road pressure without easily breaking down. There have been some excellent results produced by the Duramax diesel engine over the years. However, Duramax trucks are not immune to faults, and improper maintenance can result in costly repairs.

The fact that you had a problem with this powertrain might seem surprising, considering how remarkable it is. You may also wonder whether this is nothing more than a fluke. Here we will discuss a common problem with Chevrolet Duramax engines, which is crank start problems.

Crank Start Issues in Your Chevrolet Duramax

This issue has plagued the Chevrolet Duramax engine for the most prolonged period. It is common for the starter to engage and crank the engine for an extended period before the engine begins to start or may fail to start.

It is an unfortunate truth that this problem has no specific mileage threshold at which it occurs. Several drivers reported experiencing the long crank after thousands of miles of driving, while others reported it after a few months of ownership. It has been reported that some users experienced some problems starting their trucks during the first 500 to 3000 miles of operation.

Several drivers have found that applying their brakes for some time before activating the ignition/start button of the Chevrolet Duramax engine resolves the problem of long cranking, but that is not a reliable solution to this inconvenience.

Possible Causes of Crank Start Issues in Your Chevrolet Duramax

It is possible that these two faults could provoke long cranking issues in your Chevrolet Duramax; if pressing the brake pedal does not resolve the issue of long cranking in the Duramax engine.

Damaged camshaft position sensor trigger wheel

At the end of the camshaft, there is a small steel gear with teeth molded into it that serves as a trigger wheel for the position sensor. A device such as this is used to determine the amount of rotation of the camshaft in relation to the rotation of the crankshaft. When the teeth of the trigger wheel cross over a position sensor on the camshaft, an electrical signal is generated. This voltage change is used by an ECM to determine the position of the camshaft. Camshaft main gears will not be in contact with camshaft trigger wheels if their trigger wheels are damaged. Due to this, the ECM will not receive a signal indicating the camshaft’s position.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning camshaft sensor include misfiring, rough running, and engine stalling. One way to resolve this issue is to install a shim on the camshaft sensor. Shim is a small metallic piece that sits between the camshaft sensor and the trigger wheel. By installing this shim, the camshaft position sensor will be able to determine the camshaft angle accurately. As long as the camshaft sensor is fitted with a shim, it will not break over time. It is possible to maintain an adequate air gap between the trigger wheel and camshaft position sensor by installing a shim between them.

ECM needs to be programmed

Upon installing shims, if the crank start issue in the Duramax engine does not resolve, make sure that a certified automotive expert reprograms the ECM. Several users have successfully fixed the crank start issue after reprogramming their ECMs.

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