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General Motors is one of the most widely known manufacturers of diesel engines in the world. Their main diesel vehicle is the GMC Duramax, which is a 6.6-L diesel engine designed for versatility and power. The strength of the vehicle is seen in its ability to tow anything you connect to it and carry out any physical work you want to do on it.

It is important to understand how a diesel engine vehicle works before you purchase one. One of the components of a diesel vehicle you need to understand is the diesel particulate filter (DPF) because it plays a critical function in the operation of your truck. Failure to maintain this component can cause serious issues that would cost you a lot of money and unnecessary inconvenience.

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in the GMC Duramax

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a special exhaust filter that collects and traps any kind of particulate substance, such as ash and soot, in order to reduce the carbon emission from the exhaust of diesel vehicles. The diesel particulate filter performs this operation with the use of a ceramic substance shaped in a honeycomb structure. The DPF is designed to have a limited capacity; for this reason, the trapped particulate matter must be emptied periodically or burned off so that the DPF will be regenerated.

The process of regeneration removes all the excess soot that has been trapped in the filter so that the hazardous exhaust emitted from the exhaust pipe will be reduced. It also removes the thick black exhaust smoke that used to be released from diesel vehicles. This is in line with the Euro 5 exhaust emissions legislation that was introduced in 2009 to reduce the carbon monoxide emissions in order to protect the environment.

Causes of Diesel Particulate Filter Blockage in the GMC Duramax

The following are some of the reasons why the DPF in your GMC Duramax might be blocked.

  • Driving for a short period of time at a very low speed: Diesel engines are designed to go longer miles. If you use it for a shorter journey, the DPF will not be well regenerated before you turn off the engine. This will cause the soot to accumulate and cause a blockage.
  • Lack of regular servicing: If your GMC Duramax is not properly serviced, the DPF may malfunction.
  • Wrong oil use: Care must be taken when purchasing oil for your GMC Duramax engine, especially as there are some oils that are mixed with additives that might cause the DPF to be blocked.

How to Know if the DPF in your GMC Duramax is Blocked

The simple way to detect a blocked DPF or even if there is a fault in the filter, is to check for an orange light on the dashboard of your vehicle.

How to Clean the DPF in your GMC Duramax

Normally, the DPF cleans itself by regeneration. If, after the process of regeneration, the check light is still on, this means that the DPF did not regenerate as it should. You can try the following methods to clean it:

  • Use a DPF cleaner to reduce the temperature at which the soot combusts so that the soot will burn easily.
  • Use a pressure gun with compressed air to remove the ash trapped in the filter.
  • Use hot water to pressure wash the DPF. Spray the water in the direction opposite of the exhaust flow.
  • Visit an expert. If none of the above works, then you have to visit a reliable auto mechanic. Most of the DIY tips mentioned above are not so easy to perform if you don’t have a good knowledge of the system. So it is better to take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic to avoid causing more damage to your vehicle.

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