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The Ford Powerstroke diesel engine was designed to provide the best in engine performance and unrivaled durability. However, like other engines, the Ford Powerstroke may develop faults, especially in the FICM.

The FICM (Fuel Injection Control Module) is a distinct feature of the Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. The FICM receives instructions from the PCM (powertrain control module) and estimates the beginning of injection and how long it will take. In the 6.0L Powerstroke, FICM releases a 20-amp, 48-volt pulse to the injector coil. The injector coil enables the opening of the spool valve and the activation of high-pressure oil in the fuel side of the HEUI injector.

Effects of FICM Failure in Ford Powerstroke

The FICM is very important because it controls the opening of the injector at the right time and also the injection of fuel for the right duration. To do this, the FICM releases an optimal voltage of 48 volts to the injector’s coil. If there is a drop in voltage, the following occurs:

  • The injector coil will experience a delay in operation which can cause the injector to misfire and subsequently cause the engine operation to be rough, potentially with excessive release of smoke.
  • The delay in the injector coil operation can lead to the spool valve not releasing the correct amount of high-pressure oil into the injector. This will affect the performance of your Ford Powerstroke.
  • Your pickup truck will also experience low fuel economy.

Reason for Fuel Injection Control Module Failure in a Ford Powerstroke

The main reason for FICM problems is a dead battery, or an alternator that no longer charges the battery.  This is an issue because, unlike other vehicles, if the battery does not send a minimum of 12.6volts to the FICM, there will be damage to the internal circuit of the vehicle.

Symptoms of a Failed Fuel Injection Control Module

If the FICM in your Ford Powerstroke engine is not supplying the optimal 48-volts to the coil, your Ford Powerstroke will begin to experience the following:

  • It will take longer for your Ford Powerstroke engine to start, and starting it will become more difficult over time.
  • While driving, your pickup truck may lose power and come to a halt.
  • You’ll find it hard to control and drive your Ford Powerstroke.
  • Your pickup truck will experience rough idling.
  • Excess smoke will be released from the exhaust of your pickup truck.

All the above symptoms will worsen in cold weather. If the problem gets worse and the FICM sends a voltage lower than 30-volts, the engine will likely not come on at all.

Fixing a Failed FICM in Ford Powerstroke

When the FICM of your Ford Powerstroke engine has issues, it is important to assess the situation and fix it immediately. There are three main ways of fixing a failed FICM.

  • The first option is by removing the FICM, opening it, and changing the power board. The power board is in charge of changing the 12-volts received from your Ford Powerstroke engine to the 48-volts the injector needs. Many times, the power board is the cause of a failed FICM.
  • Another option is to replace the half-shell. This is done by changing the power supply of the FICM entirely.
  • The last option is to replace the entire FICM unit.

All the methods listed above are not meant to be done by a novice. The best option is to take your Ford Powerstroke to a specialist for repair.

Preventing FICM Failure in your Ford Powerstroke

To prevent your FICM from failing, it is important to pay attention to your Ford Powerstroke’s battery. Take the battery of your pickup truck to a specialist for load-testing yearly, especially before winter. If you notice a fault, have the battery replaced. Test and replace the alternator if you observe that it is not charging your battery.

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* Ford F250 image credit goes to: Brandon Woyshnis.

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