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You rely on your Ram Cummins to tackle big jobs, run smoothly, and provide a great driving experience. These trucks are designed to perform on demand, so when something goes wrong, it’s crucial to address the issue in order to get your vehicle back in the condition you expect from Ram Cummins.

Sometimes failing injectors can be an issue, and when these problems arise, Diesel Pickup Pros has the experience and knowledge necessary to not only fix problems but also to prevent further issues from occurring.

Function of Fuel Injectors in Ram Cummins

The fuel injectors play a major role in all diesel vehicles. Part of your truck’s appeal is its powerful engine, and the fuel injector plays an important role in providing the power you expect. Part of what sets diesel engines apart are how they receive fuel. Fuel injectors play a major role in this and ensure the engine is receiving the exact amount of fuel necessary in the form of a fine mist.

This system operates in an environment that is under both high heat and pressure. The injectors are essentially what keep the engine running, because without fuel, the engine cannot do its job of powering your vehicle. More specifically, fuel injectors ensure the engine has the proper amount of fuel, which is also important in keeping your Ram Cummins operating at its absolute best.

Causes of Failing Fuel Injectors

There are several factors that can lead to problems with the fuel injectors. A major reason for issues is that the fuel injector becomes clogged. When this occurs, the flow of fuel from the injector to the engine is interrupted. Physical damage to the part can cause issues as well. Leaks can also occur and cause significant issues. Bad fuel, water in fuel, or fuel that was not meant for your vehicle can also cause serious problems. Relying on a professional who can spot the root cause of your fuel injector issue is essential to getting the proper repairs and service.

Signs of Failing Fuel Injectors

Since fuel injectors play such a critical role in the entire function of your vehicle, it’s important to be aware of the signs of failing fuel injectors, so you will be able to act quickly and appropriately if an issue arises.

A decrease in fuel efficiency can signal an issue, as can rough or irregular idling. If your engine loses power or won’t turn on, a serious problem with the fuel injector may have occurred. Engine misfires are also classic signs of problems with the fuel injectors, and these will often be very noticeable when driving. If you start to notice a fuel-like odor, this could also indicate a problem, and signal that there is a leak in the injector.

Since the fuel injectors are directly related to engine performance, if you suspect you there is a problem with your fuel injector you should have it addressed by a professional as soon as possible.

Specialized Care You Can Count On at Diesel Pickup Pros

At Diesel Pickup Pros, we have a great deal of experience dealing with a variety of issues in Ram Cummins, including those that affect the fuel injectors. Diesel Ram Cummins Mechanic Testing Fuel Injector engines require specialized care and knowledge, and we know the ins and outs of what makes your truck and engine shine.

Keeping the fuel injector in good condition and acting quickly when there is an issue is a key step as a vehicle owner to preventing damage to your engine down the line. We have established a great reputation in the Floyds Knobs, Georgetown, Jeffersonville, and New Albany, Indiana areas for a reason. We care about the performance and maintenance of your diesel truck just as much as you do, and we want to keep your vehicle in great shape for years to come.

Whether you suspect an issue with your fuel injector or just want to schedule regular maintenance, come in and let us help you care for your Ram. We can also inspect, diagnose, and service your truck for all its maintenance and emergency needs. Call us today to speak to one of our expert technicians.

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