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Ram 2500 trucks equipped with the Cummins engine have been called the best in show for good reason. Their incredible towing capacity of up to 19,680 pounds with the added 6.7L High Output Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 Powered Engine has made them a reliable favorite for work sites and truck lovers alike.

Towing, torque, and payload capabilities for trucks that are used for frequent heavy duty hauling are drastically increased with the Cummins engine. When you’re hauling heavy equipment, the Ram Cummins is the car of choice when it comes to strength and efficiency. But you’ll need to make sure that you have the truck body to match all that power so you can use the truck for the designed purpose.

The Ram’s utility for suspensions and mounts is what makes people rely on the truck for heavy towing jobs. Whether you have a regular bumper or the featured factory installed hardware you use for your contracting jobs, farm work, or your daily commute, a damaged bumper can be unsightly at best. At its worst, it can interfere with your towing or rigging needs. Thankfully, the folks at Diesel Pickup Pros in Louisville are here to help.

Ram Bumper Basics

The Ram pickup truck features a nearly all-steel frame and hydroformed chrome front and rear bumpers. Bumper damage can come in a few forms, and whether your bumper is rusted from ordinary wear and tear, or dented from an accident, if your bumper needs repair, the best thing to do is to take care of it so it doesn’t get worse.

The Ram is equipped with forward collision warning and active braking, blindspot monitoring, and parking assist, which helps prevent bumps to your bumper. Still, some collisions can’t be helped.

If your bumper is dented, you might be tempted to just hammer it out yourself, but the chrome will probably start to come off if you do that. To avoid chipping or flaking, the best thing to do is trust the experts at Diesel Pickup Pros to fix it for you.

What is the Ram bumper made of?

If you’re going for durability, we at Diesel Pickup Pros actually recommend getting a heavy-duty bumper, and we can help you choose the best options for your car. If you’re just using it for everyday use, we can help you get the repair or replacement you need. If you want your Ram to last a lifetime and serve you well, taking care of the truck’s body is essential.

How much does bumper repair cost?

If you’ve just damaged the metal part, getting a replacement bumper will run you about $300-$700. However, if you’ve damaged delicate equipment like the sensors and lights, or some of Ram’s Premium LED headlamps or taillamps, the dampened and power release tailgate, or some of the towing rig gear, it may cost you more. Getting a full bumper replacement can cost up to $1,000 plus labor costs, so you definitely want to go to an auto shop that you trust.

The Best Place to Repair Your Bumper is Diesel Pickup Pros

Diesel Pickup Pros is Louisville’s go-to shop for diesel pick-up service, repair, and modifications of diesel pickups, which are preferred for their Ram Cummins Bumper Repair increased power and towing capacity. Our specialized maintenance and tools, and our expert mechanics, have made us trusted among Diesel drivers in the Louisville area.

We’ve been serving diesel pickup truck owners in Floyds Knobs, Georgetown, Jeffersonville, and New Albany IN, as well as the Louisville area, for years. If you own a pickup, you want it to last, and we are here to help make that happen. Whether you own a Ram or another pickup truck like a Chevrolet or a Ford, you can count on us to give your pickup the care it needs.

We understand the differences that each manufacturer’s engine needs, so we can provide full maintenance and repairs for all diesel engines, whether you have a Cummins, Duramax, Mercedes, or Powerstroke. We also have a 24-month/24,000 mile warranty that you know you can trust. Head to Diesel Pickup Pros today, and we’ll repair your bumper to its original glory.

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