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You’re likely familiar with various fluids in a car, such as engine oil, transmission fluid, and fuel. In work trucks and vans, they often need extra parts and fluids to maintain their engine performance and standards you’ve come to expect out of hardworking machinery.

Your Mercedes Sprinter van utilizes Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to cut down on air pollution. It is part of the emissions systems in heavy duty trucks and vans. It is made with 32.5% synthetic urea and 67.5% deionized water. This ratio is very specific and must be exact. Because the DEF is part of the emissions system and works with your catalytic converter, it is regulated in many states.

The engineers at Mercedes also created a heater to prevent the diesel exhaust fluid from freezing in extreme temperatures while the engine is running. In inclimate weather, the DEF will last up to 12 months. In warmer weather, it could last up to 3 to 4 years. This is why the countdown meter is so important, to ensure you do not run out of fluid. The countdown clock will notify you how many starts you have remaining before your diesel exhaust fluid runs out.

Sometimes the start countdown meter fails and must be replaced. However, if you are losing fluid, there could be several reasons. Here’s a list of the most prominent causes:

  • Leaks in the exhaust system, melting the DEF nozzles
  • Defective sensors can cause problems, making the countdown clock inaccurate
  • Expired diesel exhaust fluid, which has more urea in it than deionized water

If your start countdown meter is defective, it can cause your Sprinter van to shut down. There is usually notice, as the countdown will display “20 starts left,” etc. If you see this notification, you must bring your Sprinter in for service, or it will not allow you to start when the countdown gets to zero. Obviously, this can be incredibly disruptive to your workflow. While we do not see this problem often, it happens enough that we know exactly how to help and repair this issue. So if you see the notification and either suspect the problem is with the counter or you truly do need to replace the fluid, give us a call today and we’ll get you in for service. There’s no need to wait and leave it to chance.

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Our team is composed of expert mechanics with several achievements, including an ASE certification, Chrysler, Ford, and GM certification, as well as Mercedes Sprinter Van Start Countdown Failure Fix being factory-trained with plenty of experience.

We make all services, repairs, or modifications as easy and convenient as possible from the initial inspection to discussing all options available to executing the work. With many 5-star reviews from our satisfied customers, you are sure to feel a sense of peace leaving your diesel-powered vehicle with us for repairs. We perform brake service, transmission repairs, engine maintenance, oil changes, tire replacements, battery services, suspension replacements and HVAC maintenance. If you need further help with EGR cleaning, injector services, DPF cleaning, and turbocharger maintenance, we are the shop for you. We do it all and more.

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We look forward to working with you to make your diesel truck the best it can be for your driving, hauling, and work needs. Don’t let a start countdown failure leave you stranded and without a working engine in your Sprinter van. Let us earn your business today.

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