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HPOP is an acronym for the High-Pressure Oil Pump, and it’s one of the most essential parts of your GMC Duramax. Today’s engines have a completely forced-feed lubrication system, and an oil pump is a key component of that system.

The oil pump is at the heart of the lubrication system. Oil is sucked from the oil pan and sent into the engine’s oilways, where it drips back and is recirculated as the engine is running. An engine’s oil pump is absolutely necessary for it to function, and if it fails, it will result in a costly engine repair.

Causes of an Oil Pump Failure

Low Oil Levels in the Engine

You can have an issue if your engine doesn’t have enough oil. There must be enough oil in the engine to allow for efficient circulation and to adequately coat all of the needed surfaces. If the level isn’t high enough, the pump will have to deal with the extra friction caused by a lack of lubrication. This will result in mechanical issues, such as warped pump components, which will eventually lead to the pump’s full failure.

Irregular Oil Changes

We understand if you despise oil changes. For many people, they feel like a near-constant chore, and buying fresh oil and filters can be rather costly.

However, we can’t stress enough how important it is to keep up with your oil changes, as they’re essential for keeping your engine’s oil fresh. If you’ve ever done your own oil change, you’ve probably noticed that the oil coming out of your engine isn’t the same color as the new, clear oil you put in.

Oil gathers grime, sludge, and road particles from the wear and tear of the engine’s moving components as it travels through it. All of these substances build up in the oil, preventing it from adequately lubricating the parts. These particles, rather than preserving the parts from wear, cause them to wear down even faster – particularly the high-pressure oil pump. Picture tiny sandspurs floating in the oil. This is what it is like when your oil is dirty and running through your engine.

Normal Wear and Tear

This problem affects practically anything mechanical, including oil pumps. Your oil pump, no matter how high-quality it is, won’t endure indefinitely and will ultimately fail due to natural wear and tear. Even if it doesn’t fully fail, it will eventually stop performing optimally and will have to be replaced.

Dirty Oil Pan

Remove the oil cap from the oil pan and inspect the inside. It’s possible that you’ll need a flashlight to see it. If everything is in order, the contents of the oil pan should be spotless. While the parts and walls should be covered in oil, the metallic silver underneath should still be visible. If there is any sludge in the oil pan, it suggests there is muck in the engine.

Contamination with Oil

When something other than oil gets into your oil, it’s called contamination. This is common if your oil isn’t changed on a regular basis, as oil that sits in your engine for too long collects a lot of debris. Oil can be polluted in a variety of ways.

Oil Passage Lines are Clogged

The pressure of your engine oil will reduce if an oil channel or oil line is open, whether unconnected or broken. The oil passages should be checked for wear and debris. Oil galleries may not always be lined up in a way that allows the oil to flow freely. Inspect the oil lines to ensure that they are properly connected and that no tears exist in the lines.

Inadequate Bearing Clearance

The oil pressure may be reduced if there is too much clearance for the engine bearing. Examine the internal engine components where the bearings are located to ensure they are in good working order. We recommend that you replace or get them fixed if they are worn.

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