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GMC has produced trucks, vans, cars, SUVs and vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, military vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and transit buses for many years. Durmax diesel trucks, however, have a tendency to overheat when pushed to their limits or over time.

Overheating occurs due to their inefficient cooling system, which includes the tiniest radiator and fan ever seen on a Duramax diesel truck. There are intense air restrictions that stifle the huge, varying-vane turbocharger. This air regulation also leads to excessive heat, resulting in the trucks becoming hotter or warmer than required.

If you combine this with extreme situations, like hauling a heavy-duty trailer or driving in very hot temperatures, the factory cooling system may not function well enough. If your truck hasn’t been in for maintenance or service in a while, these high temperatures could result in an extreme level that can lead to more serious problems.

Common Causes of Overheating

Despite the above issues, a majority of GMC Duramax overheating issues are caused by blown head gaskets, water pump failure, fan clutch failure, and even a dirty or clogged radiator can be the major or root cause of your overheating issues. So, if you’re experiencing overheating issues, you should rule these out before investing a significant amount of money in upgrading your cooling system.

  • Failure of the water pump: Failure of the water pump is one of the most common problems on Duramax trucks. This same issue was dominant in the LB7 trucks, but it has been largely resolved. However, the GMC Duramax still tends to experience water pump failure. As it is being used, and at higher mileage, the seal’s domicile in the factory water pumps may fail.
  • A blown head gasket: This is also one of the major issues related to the GMC Duramax. This is mainly because it has a large factory turbocharger and prevailing overheating problems caused by an inadequate or bad cooling system. Other factors can also play a role, too, but modifications can also result in these issues, particularly at lower mileage.
  • A Fan Clutch Failure: The function of the fan clutch is to regulate the performance of the cooling fans. These cooling fans will neither function nor work at their utmost efficiency if the bad clutch does not engage properly. This will lead to overheating, which may result in serious issues if not adequately and timely attended to.

Fixing GMC Duramax Overheating Problems

If you have learned that one of the issues above is the root cause of the overheating problem, it should be addressed immediately. Here are some things that must be done to properly tackle this problem.

The water pump is one of the most notorious problems found on these trucks because of how difficult they are to fix. In the case of head gasket failure on your GMC Duramax, it’s probably best to take your truck to a shop. This is going to be an expensive process to carry out. The procedure usually takes up to 28 to 40 hours of work because replacing the factory head gaskets is extremely difficult.

On the other hand, the obvious thing to do is to get new head gaskets and upgrade the head bolts to ARP head studs. By doing this, it will offer relatively more clamping pressure, and they can guarantee you won’t have the exact problem more often. This involves removing the injectors and glow plugs. It is also an avenue to address other ailing issues the vehicle might have.

As a result of the impaired cooling technique found on the GMC Duramax, several manufacturers attempted to modify the very poor factory design. These problems are mostly found with early models, such as the 2004 and 2005 trucks. The 2006 Duramax model was restored and outfitted with an improved cooling system. That doesn’t imply you won’t need to upgrade a 2006 Duramax radiator. As time goes by, the radiator can accumulate different kinds of build-up or can even develop leaks or get damaged.

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