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If you press down on your RAM Cummins accelerator only to find it unresponsive, this can be a major cause for concern. Unfortunately, dead accelerator pedals in RAM Cummins models are not all that rare. This particular vehicle model is known for its common dead accelerator pedal occurrences. Not to worry, though. With help from an experienced service technician who is educated and familiar with this mishap, your RAM Cummins dead accelerator pedal can likely be fixed. Let’s take a look at why dead accelerator pedals happen in RAM Cummins and how you can avoid them from becoming a problem for you.

Causes of RAM Cummins Dead Accelerator Pedal

Interestingly, dead accelerator pedals are a unique phenomenon that is common in RAM Cummins models. The most common reasons are below:

  • APPS Malfunction: To begin, RAM Cummins uses a specific system to maintain their system responses. It is known as the APPS or an Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor. When this system malfunctions, it can cause your RAM Cummins to experience a dead accelerator pedal.
  • Faulty Electronic Throttle Output: Also known as a “drive-by-wire” system, this setup doesn’t maintain a physical connection between your RAM Cummins’ throttle pedal or the mechanical fuel injection system. Instead, it is controlled by electronics, which are susceptible to malfunction.
  • Turbo-Induced Lag: This specific measurement is the time it takes between the driver pressing the throttle pedal and the point at which the truck reaches a certain torque output or specific load point. Balancing this fuel curve is a complicated thing to do, so variances can cause a dead accelerator pedal in your RAM Cummins.
  • Improper Calibration: RAM Cummins come from the factory with certain, preset calibration. When this doesn’t match the primary use for your truck, it can throw off the accelerator pedal response, resulting in the dead accelerator pedal phenomenon.

How to Avoid Dead Accelerator Pedal in Your RAM Cummins

At times, there may not be a good way to avoid a dead accelerator pedal in your RAM Cummins. However, if there is anything you can do to avoid this issue, it is strongly recommended. Replacing the APPS system in your RAM Cummins can be a costly and timely process.

  • Frequent replacement of fuel filters: When your fuel filters get clogged or dirty, they can restrict fuel flow. This can set your sensors off and lead to the dead accelerator pedal event.
  • Repair loose wiring or plugs: This occurs more frequently than you might think, and it is a common occurrence when you have previously been fixing something else under the hood.
  • Update your turbo: Modern RAM Cummins are widely run on electronic information that is passed back and forth between your truck’s components. Ensuring your software is up-to-date is a good preventative tactic.

Other than these preventive efforts, there isn’t much you can do to avoid a RAM Cummins dead accelerator pedal. These trucks are widely electronic, so other than reading the code it provides, you can’t necessarily prevent these instances from occurring.

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