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You rely on your GMC Duramax to perform heavy-duty towing and pick-up jobs to everyday driving. This truck can handle any task. At Diesel Pickup Pros, we know that you need your truck to operate at its best.

When the A/C or heating systems in your GMC Duramax need servicing or repairs, we are here to help. The heating and air system keeps you comfortable and makes your truck a place you want to be, so maintaining these systems is essential to the overall condition and value of your Duramax.

Issues With Heating

Problems with your heating system can not only be uncomfortable during cold winter months, but it can also mean something is wrong with an essential system in your truck. If your heating system doesn’t warm your truck even after it has been on for a few minutes and the engine is sufficiently warmed up, this is cause for concern.

When you initially turn your heating system on, you will feel neutral air blowing, but if this continues for more than a few minutes, it means the heat system isn’t warming up and functioning as it should.

Some warning signs of heating system failure are your engine overheating, a sweet scent coming from the vents, and having to use more coolant than normal. If you notice any of these problems, be sure to get your truck serviced by a professional to avoid any further damage.

Issues with Air Conditioning

Conversely, issues with your GMC’s Duramax’s cooling system can often be easily identified. You may notice that the air in your truck is warmer than expected, even if air is circulating. It should be cooler.

Sometimes the A/C system will stop all together. Also, it can continue to work but a greatly-reduced capacity.

Unusual odor is another sign there may be an issue with your A/C system. Musty, moldy, or mildew-like smells can mean air isn’t circulating properly.

Your truck’s defroster can also signal your A/C system isn’t functioning properly, as these two systems are interconnected.

A/C that runs while the truck is in motion but not when the vehicle is idling or stationary also means there is a problem.

It’s important to have any issue with your A/C system addressed by a professional, because even if the A/C is still working in a less efficient way, ignoring warning signs can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs down the line.

Importance of Skilled, Knowledgeable Experts

As a GMC Duramax owner, you might be able to identify when something is wrong with your heating or air system. Only a professional can get to the root of the problem and prevent any serious damage.

Heating and air problems can stem from problems with the trucks coolant system, which not only affects the heating system but also the engine. Problems with the compressor belt, hoses, pressure systems, and heater core can also be reasons why your heating and air system is malfunctioning, and all of these issues are problems that require the attention of a professional.

Taking your truck to an expert who specializes in power, diesel pickups will help ensure your vehicle gets the customized and specialized care it needs.

Diesel Pickup Pros will Repair your A/C and Heating System

At Diesel Pickup Pros, we have the knowledge and experience to keep your GMC Duramax running at its top form. From serious mechanical problems to regular GMC Duramax AC & Heating System Repair maintenance, we have the tools and services you can rely on.

We are the leading service provider for diesel engine pickup trucks in the Floyds Knobs, Georgetown, Jeffersonville, and New Albany Indiana areas. We also provide outstanding service to Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas.

The heating and A/C system in your truck not only keep you comfortable and happy in your vehicle, but they contribute to the overall working of your truck. We care about keeping your truck in the exceptional shape you expect and look forward to being able to help you address any issues that may arise. Stop in or give us a call for an appointment. Give us the opportunity to help your keep your truck running at its best.

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